Enchanted Rock

Today we got all out-doorsy and drove 80 miles north to Texas Hill Country for a hike at
Enchanted Rock State Park.
 I remembered to wear my longhorns/Fall colors. When in Texas... "hook 'em horns"
 Until today I had no idea there were actual "hills" in the hill country.
Right now my calf muscles can tell you that with certainty.

sidenote: everyone knows I'm a midget, lovingly referred to as "midge" for short. Pun intended :) and I have been known to wear heels in completely inappropriate situations all the time. For example, those boots I'm wearing look flat, but don't let them fool you... inside are these magic inserts that give me the extra inch and a half that I need to be 5' tall (like my driver's license says I am) and I wore them for our entire hiking adventure today. If only I could stack like 3 of them together so I could be the height of a normal short person! So I can honestly say, that yes, I even hike in heels. I'm hoping the added challenge burns off additional calories. So far my sources (thighs, butt, belly, etc.) say not so much. Can't blame a midge for trying!

Then we headed to downtown Fredericksburg for some pumpkin patch fun and lunch.

Tonight we're feasting on pumpkin seeds and carving jack-o-lanterns.

Hope everyone is having a very enchanted weekend!


  1. So if my math skillz serve me right, you are 4'10.5???!!! That is seriously short. In case you were unaware. If we ever meet up in real life, we are definitely going to have to do our chatting while sitting down. Or else you'll need to bring a ladder. Now, moving on. You look way too cute to be hiking. And I also was totally shocked the first time I went to the Hill Country. I think it was most surprising how quickly the hills appeared. It went from totally flat to crazy hilly in like...2 seconds. So wild!

  2. Looks like a fun day, but ditto to what Erika said- you look much cuter than I do when hiking! Also, as an Aggie, I am going to try to ignore that offensive hook 'em reference!!


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