4 days with Mom

So when we last left off I was super excited about my mom coming to visit us for a few days. And rightly so; we had some crazy fun! But she went back home Wednesday and now all that's left to remind me of said fun are the 2,500 pictures we took during her short visit. That sounds like a lot, but between the two of us I expected at least 3,000. Oh well, they'll have to do. Of course when it comes time to pick the best ones, I consider taking up drinking because sorting through all those snapshots is quite the daunting task. Bring on the booze! Mostly kidding.  So here are just a few recap pics from the best week of my life : )

 Saturday we hit the ground running and spent the day shopping
in San Marcos and Round Rock north of Austin. There was a major splurge at Ikea *not pictured* in the off chance that dad checks out the blog, it is in his best interest to not know the extent of the damage... we're driving out to California at Christmas with the loot and that will give him time to ready himself for the shock : )
There was insane driving {par for the course in these parts}
After the shopping, ok between the shopping, we were famished and worked up quite an appetite so we decided to finally participate in the "family style" all you can eat bbq at Salt Lick.
We've eaten here lots and lots before, see like every other blog post, but we always split a meal. Not this time. Gentlemen, start your engines and get ready to see something quite remarkable disgusting...
Sunday we braved the hordes of holiday traffic and ventured out to Houston.
We had never been before and didn't know what to expect.
We were super pleasantly surprised!
In other news, I want to move to Houston ASAP! 

This was our first Thanksgiving not in California with our families, which made my mom's visit all the more special and exciting. She left early Wednesday morning and not even the thrill of Black Friday and Gray Thursday {because let's face it, we spent Thanksgiving night at Wal-Mart for some good deals} could compare to the fun times that we had while she was here.

I miss my mom!!!
4 weeks 'til Christmas in Cali.
I can't wait.


  1. Well, since you didn't actually get to do the NASA tour, that just means you'll have to come out to Houston again...and hopefully this time we can hang out with you! :-) If you have any interest in museums, Houston actually has some pretty awesome ones, too (my fave is the Natural History, which has one of the best collections of dinosaur skeletons, as well as a whole butterfly habitat, but there are lots of other ones, too...a whole district, in fact).

    1. Ooh! That sounds like fun! We had a great time in Houston and would love to visit with you guys next time. Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  2. Oh man, your mom sounds like so much fun!! I want her to come visit me!! There's such a thing as a Bare Minerals OUTLET??! I'm sorta pissed that you didn't let me know and offer to pick up some things for me!! We should meet up in Houston and hang out with Amanda (and shop at the Galleria. LOVE that mall!!) sometime!!


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