Movie Marathon and Shopping Spree

This weekend Andrew and I each picked out one of our favorite things to do
for a fun date weekend...
His was movies:
It just worked out that these 3 movies were all in a row and showing precisely one after the other, so we bargained out on a 3-for-1 deal. My only regret: eating all of the popcorn to get our free refill during the first movie. Big mistake. My tummy hurts.
We both agree the James Bond one was the best. Argo was really good
and Pitch Perfect was pitch ok.

You can probably guess what I picked to do:

And for all of you other crazy shoppers, have you set up a game plan for Black Friday yet?
I have!  Check out the early released ads here


  1. Good to know about the early released ads- we are looking for a deal on a specific camera... since you are a serious shopper, do you have any suggestions of how to stalk it and find out where we can get a deal on it? Or is that website our best bet?

  2. How on earth do you make it through three movies back to back??!!? I can usually barely stay awake for even one movie. Nice job on scoring a new purse!!


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