My last ditch effort at being healthy

This would be a lot more funny if it wasn't true.
It turns out junk food is my love language
and in the words of good ol' Led Zep: "I got a whole lotta love."
So rather than exercise {because if there is a hate language that is definitely mine}
I got this nifty contraption to up my intake of fruits and veggies but still haven't downed my intake of junk food, so it has yet to make a difference. It makes me have to pee more, so there's that.

 So project healthy is off to a rough start. 
And speaking of "ruff", Maddie Bear is rocking a new winter wardrobe that is the envy of all R.O.U.S.'s everywhere.
Rodents of unusual size, as some lovingly refer to her :)

It's back to school this week and a fun visitor from San Diego arriving on Friday!


  1. Love that you call Maddie an ROUS!! Great tribute to the best movie ever. :) Your juicer looks super fancy! My bro-in-law juices and he makes these disgusting concoctions with like..apples, onion, and garlic. And then he smells like garlic for a week. So nasty. Good luck getting healthy! Maybe you should blend up a cheeseburger and fries? That'd probably go down a little better.


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