We so excited!

My mom called this afternoon with a conundrum: she has to use her US Airways ticket voucher by November 30.  So guess who's coming to visit us this weekend?!

This was me. All. Day. Long!
I can't wait for the shenannigans that are about to ensue!!!


  1. OMG. You and your mom look totally ridiculous!!! In the best possible way, of course. Have so much fun!!

  2. I still remember the teeth mom wore while you were in middle school! Are they still around? :-)

    1. Our "billy bob" teeth?! Yes, they're around somewhere... If I find a picture I'll do a post about them :)

  3. Good times!!!!! Wooohoo!!! LOVE, love, LOVE the collage. :) I can't wait to see you all in Two days! Yipeee!

    That's funny that anonymous remembered the "Wilma" teeth.... Okay, well maybe NOT so funny! Hehe! :)


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