All things Christmas

Christmas parties, Christmas decorations, Christmas ornaments, Christmas wish-lists, Christmas pictures...  All things Christmas are happening now and I LOVE IT!!!

Let's start with the parties:
We attended 2 Christmas parties on Saturday.

 Friends, colleagues, faculty, and tasty treats were the highlights of this night.
Oh and I scored the highly coveted home-made Christmas ornament! (see photos below)

There were actually a lot of people at the party, I just only snapped a few pics.
Moving on to my favorite part about Christmas, you know besides the birth of our Lord and Savior :)
The decorations!!!

In all honesty my house has been decorated for Christmas since the day after Halloween, but I keep forgetting to post pictures so here they finally are:
We totally slacked on outside decorations so no fun Christmas light pictures this year :(

And a few new ornaments...

So this year the Christmas gift theme is "Something you want, something you need, something to wear, and something to read." I like it! And I've seen it everywhere, first here at the tiny twig and then at Something Beautiful with a cute template from E myself and I. So I figured I'd better hop on board and create my own little list as well.

{And I decided to let Hoagie Bear and Maddie in on the fun too.}

And lastly, a Christmas picture...
Only 2 weeks 'til Christmas!!!