Life is a highway...

Today we embarked on our 1500 mile drive home to California for Christmas. I would like to credit this nifty ipod car radio adapter for making our 13 hours {boo ya google maps... you said it would take us 15!} in the car today a little more fun in a non-stop singing at the top of our lungs kind of way. I will never go back to switching out cds every 45 minutes again! It's the simple things :) 

Here we are: 3 cranky, cramped, happy campers!
600 more miles to go, but today our journey ends here in lovely tolerable Phoenix, Arizona.


  1. Yall are incredibly ambitious with your roadtripping!! Hope you still like each other by the time you get to CA!! :)

    1. Haha! We still like eachother but if we had to be in that car for one more minute we might have gone crazy!


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