Prayers for Newtown

The tragic events of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday are still heavy on my heart. I am aching for the families that are suddenly and forever left incomplete. What an unfathomable loss. As a substitute teacher being surrounded by young students everday for the last 5 years, this tragedy feels a little too close to home. Just the thought that something like this can happen is terrifying.

What do you do when this happens?

Sure there are drills and protocol, but when the bullets are flying all that remains is instinct. There were many heroes that day whose instinct was to give the ultimate sacrifice to protect the defenseless. My love, support, and prayers go to their families right now. The selfless actions of those individuals gives me hope that there is still good in the world. Sometimes the bad just gets to be too much. As I am watching the coverage of the funerals for these 20 babies, the ticker across the news screen flashes another shooting this weekend at a mall in California I used to shop at and a shooting at a local movie theatre here in San Antonio last night. What is going on? 

I am not about to get all political because we have facebook for that, but surely something has to change here.

All day today I had sweet, scared sixth graders asking me how this could happen and who could do something so terrible?

I don't know what to say.
The whole thing just makes me sad.