3 Things

We will be arriving right after Mardi Gras and almost right after the Superbowl.
Hopefully everyone will have gone home and we'll have the whole city to ourselves :)
Andrew has never been to New Orleans and I've only been once.
My mom took me on a Caribbean cruise that left out of N.O. for my 20th Birthday. It was the best vacation EVER! (But I'm sure me and Hoagie Bear will have fun this time too.)
Surely there are more uses for this little taste of island paradise than just in coffee.
Tomorrow I may use it in place of milk in my cereal.
YOLO (btw I cringe when I see "you only live once" like that. I don't know why.) *cringing*
Also, that Starbucks tumbler right there is like no other. Andrew and I are in a silent war that is our daily race to see who gets up early enough each morning to use that coveted coffee carrier for the day. I usually win (if getting up at the butt crack of dawn is winning). It really is something special. 
And I would know because I have a cabinet with 17 far less superior ones. #hoarder
I also hate improper uses of #'s. *cringing again*
Confession: I don't especially like any of these girls. Or Sean.
It's so weird, I don't know who to root for.
Oh well, first world problems!


  1. One time I inhaled the powdered sugar on the beignets wrong and coughed for like 10 minutes in Cafe du Monde. I was embarrassed at first, but probably that happens to lots of people, right? Anyway, still the yummiest thing ever. I have heard so many good things about that particular Starbucks tumbler...how can one tumbler be that much better than all the rest??! And how can you not be loving blonde Lesley and Desiree the most??! Come on, woman!


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