a day in the life

What can I say? After reading this post, which set the bar pretty high so try not to be too disappointed that my typical Friday doesn't include a fantastic game of foosball, I have been chomping at the bit to do a post about my ever-so-intriguing daily grind. Also, I am taking advantage of the free internet at Starbucks until our modem gets better and am on my second coffee so I have a newfound energy and am just going to keep doing blog posts until they kick me out!

So here it is... A day in the life.

This was yesterday:

 Try on 17 a few pairs of shoes before deciding on boots
Let Maddie out and give her a treat.
Pack lunch.
Take vitamins.
 8 am: Go to work.
Today I am substitute teaching 7th and 8th grade Home-Ec
I majored in Family and Consumer Science so this is right up my alley!
 My tasks for today include: grading tests and helping students with their floor plans for interior design. So fun!
Break (conference time which is just a 45 minute prep time for teachers)
Read my kindle {the No Brainer Wardrobe by the tiny twig}
and make a to do list which I did not and probably will not complete, but at least I wrote all that junk down, right?!
Teach some more classes (8 periods = a loooong day!) 
4:00 come home

Call Time Warner about fixing our internet.
Put dishes away
Organize purse
unpack from vacation and get distracted by all our fun Christmas presents.
 not pictured: me dropping the ghirardeli brownies on the floor and having to throw them all away :(
6:30 pm

 Get home around 10 pm
 Write thank you cards for Birthday gifts
watch Big Bang Theory and Modern Family
Shop on Amazon.com
plan outfits for next week
Thanks mama for my cozy "footie" pajamas.
They are worth their weight in gold and will be a wardrobe staple this winter!
1 AM: Bedtime!
So that's a typical day in my life. Riveting, I know!
Maybe there's a reason why our internet provider refuses to fix our connection... perhaps it's this blog :)


  1. Now I want pizza... and cornbread... and brownies (even if they were on the floor) :) Thanks for the fun glimpse into your cute little life!!

  2. I love your life!!! First of all, you dress WAY too cute for school. You're making the rest of us look bad. :) Second of all-- MAJOR TRAGEDY about the brownies. Super sad. Thirdly- I'm impressed that you even THOUGHT about exercising at 10pm. Pretty sure my exercise ship sails somewhere around 7pm. If it ain't happened by then, it ain't gonna. Fourth-- who are your friends and why do they have a dining room big enough for a State Affair or something? Holy crap!

  3. Hi Brenda! Just read your 'about us' story and love that you guys are high school sweethearts! So cute! Can't lie and say that I probably wouldn't have tried to salvage at least a LITTLE piece of the brownies, but then again, I love me some brownies. Anyway, great post and I hope you'll stop by and follow back!


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