Acrylics at Home

Disclaimer: The one and only time I went to a nail salon was the day before my wedding. I know nothing about nails. I'm just frugal and thought I would give this a try...

First I watched this video on youtube and it looked easy enough, so I went to Wal-mart and spent about $10 on supplies. {If it ends up being a disaster, at least it's a cheap one!}

Here's what I did:
I will say that I managed to cover my index finger in nail glue and got lazy about buffing the nails so they're not great. But for the 10 minutes it took start to finish, I call it a success. Sorry there are no pictures of the acrylic application. That stuff sets fast! It's best not to mangle with the camera at the same time. There are videos online that detail that part much better than I could.

I also painted my toe nails... not acrylic, just regular polish.  I love the Sally Hansen nail strips you stick on because I am a klutz when it comes to painting a straight line, but these make it possible. If you're in a bind scotch tape works too :)
Happy Weekend!