By now I know not to expect much from DIY hair dye. But the cheapskate in me defaults to the $6 for 2 boxes every time.

My natural hair color is... Well, I don't know anymore because I've been coloring my hair since high school. If I had to guess I would say it's a light brown. But my roots are darker, so to match the roots I dye my hair medium brown and it fades back to normal after a few weeks.

You might think after dying my hair medium brown last week that it would be brown. You would be wrong.

First it turns black.  Not dark brown, BLACK. {Wednesday}
Then a couple days later after washing, it turns a reddish brown. {Saturday}

Soon it will be a rusty red.
Alaska 2012
Then I will dye it again.

You would think I'd learn my lesson by now, but no. This is not even my biggest hair disaster. Every 3 or 4 years I get this crazy thought in my head that I should go blonde. Lots of women can pull off blonde and they look amazing like Kate Hudson or Reese Witherspoon.

Truth: I am NOT one of those women.

This is not to say that I look all that great as a brunette. I actually haven't found my perfect color yet.
I just know blonde is not it. Unfortunately all photographic evidence of this prior to a couple years ago has been destroyed could not be located. I do, however, have a few pics from the Summer of 2010 which was the last time I thought I could pull off yellow hair.
Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, and Ashley's 26th birthday. We both got bit by the blonde bug :)
I made an appointment at a real hair salon in a couple weeks for a haircut and highlights.
Now I need to figure out a new style. Should be fun!

 Maybe I should try hot pink like Katy Perry? 



  1. You might be bored (and not surprised) to learn that my hair has been the same color since birth... that said, I am partial to brunette colors!!


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