Hoagies have a houseguest

This is Jesse.

He is one of our good friends from high school.

 Senior picnic and prom 2002
I love that I still regularly see almost all of these people!
Moving on...
Jesse moved from San Francisco to Austin last Summer and then he ended up getting a really cool but unfortunately temporary job with Google and travelled all over the country taking photos for Google earth features. Yeah, we're a little jealous too. Anyway, he's back and starting over in Austin so he drove out to Texas with us last week and is staying with us for a bit while he gets settled.

Here we are at the hotel in New Mexico on Monday after driving 15 hours.
Jesse fits right in around here... jump photos and what not!

I found a few fun photos of us all from years past...
Jesse "dancing" around the campfire is my favorite! He is a riot!
Fun fact: Jesse makes the best campfires... except you burn the top layer of skin off your face when trying to roast marshmallows :)  The photos above are from 2004: at the beach, Woodstock's pizza, and the Summer we went backpacking in Yosemite.
 We had a geo-caching adventure in the lower left photo and my 21st Birthday was "Napoleon Dynamite" themed so Jesse went as Pedro and Andrew went as Napoleon. It was epic.
I wonder if that movie stands the test of time? Probably not but it was a fun party!
These pictures are from our day in Austin on Wednesday.
We have been busy chowing down on BBQ {Franklin on East 11th is the best!}
 45 minute wait in the rain on a Wednesday morning, but it was worth it for that delicious brisket and pulled pork. I got my picture with Mr. and Mrs. Franklin (upper right)

And of course we showed him around the Alamo and the River walk.


We are so happy to have our Jesse Bo in Texas!!! 


  1. It is so friends having friends live with you! Hooray for the good times!


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