Prehistoric Stonehenge

Disclaimer: *This post has nothing to do with dinosaurs or those big rock formations in England*
Prehistoric Stonehenge is a paint color.
It's the color of this dresser.

And everything else in my room...

Originally I painted all of our bedroom furniture this color to match the crown molding in our last apartment. Oh how I miss that beautiful molding. Stupid boring walls!
You can see a piece of the crown molding here. Also me and Ashley a couple Halloweens ago.
It's kind of a green greige (gray beige) color and it's only $16 for a gallon of it at Wal-Mart. I picked it up the same day I picked up all the stuff to paint my nails in my last post. Hindsight being what it is, I probably should not have done my furniture painting projects AFTER applying acrylic nails, but what's the fun in that?!
I touched up my old dressers and repainted the gray one below. I switched the bottom drawer out for baskets in the dresser on the left after the drawer broke. Furniture falling apart is a hazard of moving so much. But moving so much is the reason I won't invest in quality furniture. It's circular reasoning but it means I have more money to spend on shoes so it's all good :)

I wanted to incorporate more gray because it is my favorite home décor color right now, but it turned out too harsh when I tested it on this dresser. It looked like pewter.
I never do anything in moderation, so while I was waiting for the prehistoric Stonehenge paint projects to dry I also spray painted a bunch of random things a nice glossy white.
Now glossy white: the curtain rods in my bedroom, the legs on my lilac chair, lamp posts, mirrors, picture frames, vases, and planted pots.
 Yeah, my house smells great right now! Well, I would imagine it does but I can't tell because I have a pounding headache from all the paint fumes.



  1. Oooh...that is a rather fabulous paint color!! Now I want to find something to paint... also I have this can of glossy bright turquoise spray paint left over from a Christmas craft and it calls my name every time I pass it in the garage...but seriously NOTHING in my house goes with bright turquoise...major bummer, dude.

  2. If you haven't considered it already, you should totally be an interior designer! I am very impressed with your decorating skillz!

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