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Purses make me happy. I collect them {along with a million other things... we've been over this: I'm a hoarder}.  I have a purse for every occasion - elegant dinner, long day at school, weekend trip to the beach, travel on a plane, quick trip to the store, you get the idea. Before we moved to Texas, when I really had a purse addiction, I had over 100 purses. I would go to the fashion district in LA with $500 and buy 20 knock off LV, Prada, Gucci, and Dior bags on a Saturday. Light bulb moment: THAT'S where all my money went! I sold most of them on Craigslist for $5. Guess that minor in Business didn't amount to much. Anyway, today I only have somewhere around 50 purses. (Not including wallets, clutches, vintage purses, or beach bags.) I was actually kind of bummed there weren't more purses, that means I got rid of A LOT. That also gives me incentive to go buy more. Ok maybe not.

Today (as I made it my 30|30 goal to do 30 posts in 30 days and am already running out of material) I thought I would share my favorite purses. The ones that survived the move across the country and get regular use.

First, everyone needs a basic black purse. Here are some of mine...

Upper: Coach (this is one of my favorite purses, I have it in white too! It holds SO much stuff!)  Lower: Steve Madden, Juicy Couture
Upper: Louis Vuitton, Chanel
Lower: Tory Burch, D&G
(None of these are authentic, but they're super fun)
Then You need a good metallic purse. All of these are from the Coach outlet.
The lower left one is my favorite purse right now, it was a Birthday gift from my mom.
She knows me best, we love all the same things! 
Then you need a good neutral bag
and some small wallet size purses for running errands.
Upper: Coach
Lower: Tory Burch, LV, Jessica Simpson, Gucci, Nine West, Hilfiger
I keep these little guys in my larger purses for when I just need
a cell phone, a charge card, and a lip gloss.
Then you need a classic brown bag... never goes out of style
Upper: Fendi, Louis Vuitton
Lower: Gucci, Louis Vuitton
(all faux designer, but even combined they cost less than one real LV purse)
If you were going shopping today for a new purse, I would tell you to get a Coach one.
They are the best quality and get better with age.
Here's a few more...
Those are the purses I use the most often, but I have 20 more that fit in this crate and get used occasionally too.
I didn't take the time to photograph each of those. I feel silly enough already.
This is how I store my purses...
In a little closet on 2 hanging racks and on the shelf above.
Not too glamorous, but effective nonetheless.


  1. At least you're aware that you're a hoarder. :) I guess it does make me feel better to know that lots of them are knock-offs. Or maybe you're just saying that...hmmm. I got my first (real) Coach for my birthday this year. I'm surprised how many people notice/comment on the brand (it doesn't have the logo all over it...just the small 'Coach' in script). Kinda weird. Now my next question is: how do you get the purse you want off the hanging rack? Do you have to take ALL of them off? Just another reason I'd be using the same purse for years on I already do...:)

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