Vintage Suitcase Dog Bed

I was feeling a teensy bit crafty last night and attempted this super simple DIY dog bed for Maddie. Emphasis on the teensy bit crafty because it literally only took me 5 minutes to throw together and most of that time was spent trying to find my feather boa collection. I might go back and spruce this project up later {you know with my be-dazzler and a banner or something} but Maddie is more into laps than dog beds anyway, so we'll see.

Inspiration here and here

Look at me "up-cycling"
Stay tuned next week when I share my tips on turning garbage into art :)


  1. Maddie's bed is fancier than anything in my house. Not sure how I feel about that... :)

  2. Did you think of this yourself? If so, YOU. ARE. AWESOME. What a cute, fun idea for a pup!


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