Tu Tu Tuesday

It's the 22nd and it's a Tuesday...

For some reason unbeknownst to me I could not locate 1 single tu tu in my collection of costumes. So I dug up this old tulle apron and made due. You can't tell in the picture, but it is covered in sequins. That is probably the only reason I haven't gotten rid of it. {Not the cutest apron in the box}

But to find that old apron I had to sort through all my other old stuff. But instead of calling it old stuff, I refer to it as vintage. Vintage sounds so much more valuable.

And inside that box of aprons is my collection of vintage gloves. Yes that is an odd thing to collect, but they're really cute and don't take up much space. Plus, who ya gonna call when attending a last minute tea party? That's right... glove-busters :)

Aren't the little hearts on the white gloves so fun and festive for V-day?! ... says the girl with 36 pairs of gloves. Oops.

My collection of vintage-y things doesn't end with accessories. My whole house is full of vintage treasures. Translation: cheap junk from the swap meet.

And given the choice, I almost always choose old over new.
Red wine.

It's a good thing I like old over new because I was really banking on this anti-aging cream and it isn't holding up its end of the bargain! Here's to getting old kicking and screaming gracefully!


  1. OMG you need an accessories intervention. Or at the very least, a special feature on Hoarders: Accessories Edition. OK I'd thought about trying that anti-aging cream but then I didn't. But have you been hearing about the St Ives Collagen something or the other cream?? It's in a little tub, cheapy cheap, but I've been seeing/hearing about its amazingness everywhere! (Beauty mags, blogs, Pinterest, etc.)

  2. My mouth is watering over your vintage goodies! I have a vintage apron collection, too, but no gloves or purses! Love the pic from tu tu Tuesday as well!


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