What I Wore

It's Wednesday and I'm linking up here to share what I wore this week...

Starting with HEARTS...
 I am getting ready for Valentine's Day!
 dress: ross ($12.99)      belt and necklace: F21     
cardigan: gilly hicks      shoes: nine west
I am also ready for gloomy January to be over and for it to be Spring.
In my closet at 6am this dress looked pastel yellow.
In the light of day it looks like a taxi cab!
 Not every outfit is a win :(
I am embracing the collar trend
 I like the little button hole in the back.
And yes, I am rocking the sock bun.
Is winter over yet?
Maybe if I keep wearing these obnoxious bright colors the seasons will change faster.


  1. You are crazy- I love that yellow dress and outfit!! I am all about the school bus yellow. Or any shade of yellow. So maybe YOU didn't feel winning, but if you were my co-worker, I would have been totally jealous all day long. :) Also...what kind of hate IS this, you're not showing which PURSE went with each outfit?? Surely they coordinated each day!

  2. I love that yellow dress too! It's my favorite look of all of them. Found you via Pleated Poppy.

  3. LOVE all of these outfits! The lace top with the collar is adorable! I'm ready for warmer tips too! The outfits in my post today totally remind me of spring! I think we are all ready to get these winter months behind us!


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