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I am so happy that Hoagie Bear loves to cook because I don't. And left to my own resources there would be weeping and gnashing of teeth and grumbling of tummies no delicious dinners.  {I would probably be closer to my ideal weight, but whatever. I choose fat and happy.}

Andrew knew before we got married that he would be the one doing the meal preparing so his precious mom gave him cooking lessons during the months leading up to our wedding. I was busy flunking the cake decorating class at Michael's and stock piling 50% off coupons for necessities like tulle and fondant. Needless to say, I missed out on cooking lessons. Perhaps one day I will wake up and magically know how to prepare yummy meals. I mean, I come from a long line of excellent women who can cook. Ok, I take that back, my Grandmas can cook. My mom pulls out all the stops at Thanksgiving and cooks for 80 people, and then she takes the rest of the year off. I bake cookies just enough to justify having a fancy Kitchen Aid mixer, and that is the extent of my domestic contribution.

All that to say I plan the menu (put sticky notes on pictures in cookbooks and magazines or leave websites up on Hoag's computer) and he gathers the supplies and makes the meals. Marriage really is all about compromise :)

I will spare you the pictures of microwave popcorn, sour straws, chips, and twix bars that I ate when Andrew wasn't home. {It turns out that all that stuff I said about being closer to my ideal weight if I had to fend for myself was a bunch of hog cock - a combination of hog wash and poppy cock, a phrase I picked up while watching the finale of 30 Rock... while Andrew was cooking dinner.}

This week we were craving fish, so we ate tilapia and salmon.
 This is not an actual photo of our salmon dinner because I ate it too fast to get a picture. Woopsies!
It looked just like that though.
 I never ate quinoa before this week and I LOVE IT!!!
The salad tasted like a salsa so I added tortilla chips. Confession: I add tortilla chips to everything.
The tilapia and quinoa dishes were inspired by my blogger friend, Erika's post here

Costco pepperoni pizzas are on sale for $6 right now so we picked one up on our way home.  Andrew added mushrooms, onions, and jalapenos to it so now it's "healthy" and we don't have to feel bad about adding pineapple sherbet ice cream to our pina coladas ~ my minor contribution to the meal.
Ice cream is always my contribution :)


  1. Hey, I thought a few of those recipes looked familiar!! Glad you liked them! I would probably drink a gallon of those pina coladas. YUM!! Good call on the sherbet addition!


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