Hello Monday

Hello to the loveliest week... according to the calendar anyway.
 This card makes me laugh because it's so true!
 Hello dinner
Super delish, but I say we just fry the chicken next time. Healthy shmealthy :)
 Hello ANOTHER week of winter. Brr.
Hello Birthday #80 for Grandma today!
Hope she made an 80 before 80 list and crossed off lots of things!
Hope your week is off to a great start!
Our week ends in NOLA and we can't wait for our mini vacation!


  1. Ahhhh that card is so perfect for you!!! I seriously hope someone got that for you.

  2. One of my co-workers is going to NOLA with her husband this weekend, too- maybe y'all will run into each other and our worlds will collide even more :)

  3. I wanna go to Nolins! Don't forget to jump on the bed and ride the glass elevator! He he he! ...and HAPPY Valentine's Day! I don't quite know how much my card cost yet (thanks to ROSS and Best Buy!). Shhhhhhhh. no. one. needs. to. know. :)


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