How not to garden

I know NOTHING about gardening. I have no one to blame but myself.

This is my Grandma's gorgeous garden:
The flower on the right is called a "daylily" it only blooms for one day. Are you kidding me?!

I get really excited about the bouquets she arranges.

And then there's my mom. who is excellent at EVERYTHING! You can't tell how beautiful her yard is because all these crazies are blocking it :) You'll have to trust me, it's green and lush and like a little vacation. You'll also have to trust me that this isn't even our whole family, just the "locals" that could make it. Just a typical family Thanksgiving! 

Anyway, the gardening gene skipped me. So for the last few weeks year that my lawn has been dead (Texans say it goes dormant in the blazing hot Summer, but comes back eventually. Yeah, right.) I have been waiting for it to magically turn green again. I am not very invested in this yard because we are just renting this house for a few more months, so I spent the bare minimum and bought a bag of "re-seed" for the lawn, a couple begonias for a little flower bed, and a gerbera for my "keep a plant alive for 30 days" goal. It has been 30 minutes and I think it's wilting.

I promise that next time I embark on a gardening adventure I will do more research beyond what the little tag says on the plant at the store. I will water my lawn more than once a season and I will actually pull weeds rather than just mowing them even with the grass. {Who am I kidding, I've never mowed a lawn!}

When we were done gardening we snapped a few Valentine's Day photos.
You can see in the picture that it's going to take more than "re-seeding" to put grass back in that yard.
How much is it for a can of green spray paint? Problem solved!


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