How to win at packing

We leave for New Orleans in 2 days, 10 hours and 36 minutes. Can you tell how excited I am?!

I started packing today and thought I would share the method to my madness...

First: Check the weather report of the vacation destination.  60's in the day, 40's at night. No rain.

Second: Select your wardrobe options. For a 3 day trip you need 4 ensembles. Plus a nicer dress for dinner, 2 cozy outfits for travel, a sweater, a light jacket, and a heavier coat. So really like 8.

Here is what I picked...

The purpose of this trip is to relax and see the sights. So all of my outfits are comfortable/will not require spanx :)

Third: After selecting your wardrobe, think about shoes. I packed 2 wedges because I am going to be hoofing it all around the city and wedges are much more comfortable for that (obviously not more comfortable than sneakers, but sneakers don't go with anything and I need some height.) Honestly I'll probably live in those cozy black boots but I like to have options. I also packed one pair of black heels that are super impractical for walking but will look fabulous while I am single handedly setting the world record for most beignets consumed in one sitting at CafĂ© Du Monde. Yeah, that's happening.

Fourth: Jewelry and accessories.
I picked up this travel case at Ross for $4. Makes packing for a trip so much easier. My rule for accessories is no more than 3 per look. Some people can get away with wearing oodles of jewelry, but on me it looks like I'm losing at an Elizabeth Taylor look-alike contest. Less is best. I always wear my wedding ring, so that leaves earrings and a necklace or bracelet. Simple.

Fifth: Make-up and Electronics.
I know make-up and electronics don't go together, but they are equally 2 of the most important items to pack. You must take a camera with back up batteries, SD cards, and all the chargers you could possibly need. My DSLR doesn't film so I bought this little video camera at Black Friday and have yet to use it. Until now... packed and ready to go!  I also pack a lot of my electronics in make-up bags because they are water proof and cuter than Ziploc bags. For make-up, toiletries, and hair stuff try to stick to the basics and keep it travel sized. Nordstrom has free sample perfume spritzers and concealer containers that are perfect for packing. And Nordstrom owes me big time. I sold half a million dollars of bras and panties there, remember? Speaking of undergarments, I pack them with the outfits they go best with to keep dressing each day quick and simple.

Lastly grab your suitcase and some baggies and start cramming it all in! Shoes and bulkier items first.

Keep the following items in your purse:
cell phone, keys, medicines, camera, sunglasses x2 (mine always break on trips), ipod, kindle, extra make-up, cash, gum, snacks, tissues, pens, paper, GPS, maps, postage stamps for sending "wish you were here" postcards, and whatever else you like.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but this is a quick weekend getaway and if I ever really forget something important I just buy it on vacation and then it's a souvenir.

Sometimes I forget things on purpose so I can get more souvenirs :)


  1. We definitely have similar packing theologies! However-- are multiple pairs of slippers entirely necessary?? I would have to disagree there. :) If you left out one pair of slippers, you could take an extra pair of 'real' shoes. I always err on that side!

  2. Bring a swim suit in case the hotel has a pool. Eat a couple beignets for me! Take tons of pictures! ...and CALL me! Love U TONS! Mom :)


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