Texas Bucket List

Happy February!

And a truly happy February it is as this is our last February as Texans!  But the pressure's on because that means we only have 5 months remaining to complete our Texas Bucket List.

Oops. Just realized I never even made a TBL. But if I did, these are the things that would be on it:

1. Visit all major cities in Texas {Austin, Houston, Dallas}

2. Go to the Texas State Fair.

3. Go to the Rodeo.

4. Spend a weekend at South Padre Island.

5. Eat at Lockhart... the Texas BBQ capital.

6. Go to San Antonio Zoo.

7. Get my picture with a space shuttle at NASA in Houston while thinking, "Houston, we have a problem."

8. Eat cupcakes at the food trucks in Austin on Congress Avenue.

9. Stay out all night partying at clubs on 6th Street in Austin.

10. Go to a concert at Stubb's.

11. Go on all the rides at Schlitterbahn water park. Twice.

12. Climb to the top of Enchanted Rock.

13. Go to Fiesta, the annual San Antonio two week long celebration of I-don't-know-what every April.

14. Go tubing in the Comal River in New Braunfels.

15. Jump at the Alamo and other various missions.

16. Shop at San Marcos Outlets as often as possible.

17. Riverboat ride on the Riverwalk.

18. Dinner at the Tower of the America's overlooking San Antonio.

19. Go to Max Lucado's church.

20. Shoot a gun. When in Texas... shoot lots of guns(?)

21. Learn the "Texas Two Step."

22. Tour the Natural Bridge Caverns.

23. Make great friends

24. Float the lazy river at UTSA.

25. Take pictures with Blue Bonnets... Texas state flower.

I really ought to stretch it out to 30 as making lists of 30 things seems to be the theme this year, but I'll stop there for now.

Here is a quick photo recap of what I have accomplished thus far:
Rodeo. Not my favorite. But glad to cross it off the list.

Tubing, BBQ in Lockhart, Riverboat tour ride, Texas State Fair, Fiesta at Hemisfair Park, Cupcakes on 6th street

San Marcos Outlets, Natural Bridge Caverns, shooting a "gun", South Padre Island, Texas 2-stepping at Thirsty Horse Saloon, Jumping at the Alamo, floating the lazy river at UTSA, Schlitterbahn, San Antonio Zoo

Partying on 6th street in Austin, concert at Stubb's, photos with Blue Bonnets, Dinner at the Tower of the Americas
Another riverboat tour ride at the Riverwalk, Max Lucado preaching at Oak Hills Church, more cupcakes at Hey Cupcake!, Best friends in Texas (that are also from CA), hiking (lounging) at Enchanted Rock, Space Center at NASA in Houston, More fun times in Austin

Oh snap! We already did ALL of those things.
Guess that means we can move home now :)
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  1. I am so impressed! And being a native Texan who has done many (but not all!) of those things, I really appreciate this post :) Sad y'all will be leaving but glad you made the most of it while you were here!

  2. Whoa. Before I realized that you'd already done everything, I was like...DANG GIRL. That's a busy 5 months ahead of you!! Very relieved that you've already knocked it all out. I think you did a great job making the most of Texas! That last sign is pretty amazing, also!!


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