The story didn't end there

I didn't mean to reveal something so sad earlier and not finish the rest of the story.

Here is a re-cap: 

My mom and Brad met in high school {the same high school me and Andrew met at, just a bit earlier}.  They got married in 1982 and I was born in 1984 at Langley Air force Base in Virginia. Brad was in the Navy and was gone on a submarine for months at a time. While he was away, my mom and I would fly home to California and stay with my grandparents. In 1986 my mom and Brad divorced. I don't think it appropriate to divulge details here, but I will say it was the best thing for everyone. They were able to remain friends and Brad was still a big part of my life. In fact, he was supposed to pick me up for the weekend on October 9, 1987, but he didn't come. We got the worst phone call of our lives and were told that Brad was hit by a drunk driver while riding his motorcycle and did not survive the accident. He was only 24 years old.

I still miss him and think about him everyday.
Today is his 50th birthday.

Even though I was only 3 at the time and did not completely understand the situation, I knew my dad was gone. My grandma shared the gospel with me and explained that even though my earthly father was no longer with me (that I would see him again in heaven), I have a Heavenly Father who is always with me, and I accepted Jesus into my heart.

God redeems hopeless situations

In September 1988 my mom married Mikey and he became my step-dad, but I refer to him as my dad because he raised me as his own and God used him to help heal our hearts.

Fast forward a couple years and I got 2 little sisters.

Here we are now...

And this September my mom and dad are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary!

There are lots more stories between then and now,
but that is the real quick re-cap of how God redeemed my life and restored my family.


  1. Love that happy ending/beginning - God is good like that :)

  2. This IS a happy story. Thanks for sharing it with us! I love the color-coordinated jumping speak nothing of the awesomeness of your mom and Mikey's wedding pic!!!


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