Weekend A-Z

A recap of our weekend alphabet style:

Airfare: we booked our flight from Austin to Boston in May {Andrew has a lit conference so we're turning it into an East Coast adventure.}

Bling: I'm adding sparkle to everything!

cell phone   laptop   kindle case
Church: We went to Oak Hills to hear Max Lucado on Saturday night and went to Sunday School at Village Parkway this morning. We're super spiritual :) In reality we just don't like waking up early on the weekends and this is how we compromise. Jesus understands, He knows the value of sleep... Homeboy slept through a hurricane on a boat!

Doggies: Did anyone watch the puppy bowl?

Electric Shock: My mom sent me this nifty little massage machine that makes my back super happy. Unless I go beyond level 3, then it feels like I'm being electrocuted. It came with a warning label that said something about not knowing the long-term effects of using it... so you know it's good :) Just kidding, thanks mama! I love it!

Football: We rooted for the 49ers as native Californians, but are happy it was a good game even though they didn't win.
We watched the game inside for a while and then on the big screen outside once it got dark.
Definitely the fanciest way I've ever watched the superbowl!
Groundhog Day: We watched this movie on Saturday, as it was Groundhog Day. And "I Got You Babe" is perma stuck in my head!

Highlight of the weekend: Hanging out with friends watching the Super Bowl.

Ice cream: Adding pineapple sherbet ice cream to pina coladas is pure genius.

Jorge Luis Borges: This is the Argentinian author Andrew is writing his dissertation on. So these books are all over our house.

Kim and Kourtney Take Miami: I watched 3 episodes of this show. I definitely lost more than 3 brain cells during that time.

Low point of the weekend: 49ers losing the Super Bowl. But I mean solely based on jersey colors the Ravens had it hands down.

Maddie: We got a Skype session in with the family. And by that I mean Molly maltese, Maddie's mom.
kind of hard to tell, but anything you see that's white and fluffy is a dog.
No housecleaning: This was not my most productive weekend.

Outage: Can you believe the power outage in New Orleans? Talk about Po' boys, somebody didn't pay their electric bill. Hopefully this will be resolved by the time we get there in 2 weeks.

Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes: I know it's mid winter, but I am a firm believer that pumpkin flavored anything is to be consumed year-round.

Quinoa: favorite new food this week. Picked up more at HEB.

Ross Dress For Less: I shopped at 3 this weekend and got 5 new dresses.

Superbowl Sunday (double points for 2 s's if this was Scattergories!): We watched with friends

Topiaries: I picked these up at TJ Maxx. Just what my mantle needed!

Unbelievably ecstatic over Robin Sparkles 4 tomorrow on How I Met Your Mother. So good!

Vomit-free since '93. Kind of an odd thing to brag about (20 years thankyouverymuch), but with the stomach flu running rampant in these parts I am happy for a healthy weekend.

Writing: Andrew has been busy writing quizzes for Bedford St. Martin's American Literature Anthology and writing his dissertation rationales. That's why I've been getting a lot of shopping in!

eXcited for our trip to New Orleans in 12 days. Already started packing!

Yolo: Still laughing at that Lonely Island video

Zzz's: It's bedtime for Bonzo. Nighty Night!


  1. The Puppy Bowl was awesome! Also, I was a Spanish major so I read many a Jorge Luis Borges book... props to your husband on that undertaking! And lastly, I also pride myself on vomiting very infrequently! It HAD been since 1993, but then I barfed once in 2001 after getting my wisdom teeth out and once in 2011 due to a bad medicine combo. Boo.

  2. Love those topiaries...AND the outside TV at the pool...WHOA! Pretty fancy. I could lay out for even LONGER if I had a TV to watch while doing it!!


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