What He Wore

We're mixing it up this week, as I am experiencing a "sooo bored with my closet" existential crisis. So today it's Andrew's turn to strut his stuff, or whatever.

A typical day for Andrew is spending a few hours at the school behind the computer typing endless papers, an hour or two at the UTSA Library researching literature type stuff, followed by a little time at the gym (free student membership! But he would tell you he only goes there to watch ESPN on the treadmill because we don't have cable at home. True story.) After that he goes to class (only a couple days a week) or comes home and completes whatever's on the "honey-do" list. This week it was yard work.

I promise (like anyone cares!) to get some fun photos this week while we're out and about and do a real post with outfits and purses and cuter shoes. Andrew refused to accessorize these ensembles. Shocking. Gracie (cutie in the photo above) was wearing an adorable outfit, complete with a tutu and pink polka dot leggings. Perhaps we'll get her to contribute to what-I-wore-Wednesdays in the future :)


  1. Ha I should totally do a WIWW post for Brian! He actually dresses quite well for work, but his after-work lounging attire would make for some interesting pics :)


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