Happy March and Happy Saturday!
Here are a few things that are making me super happy right now:
Happy for Spring Break in 1 week and Andrew's parents visiting.
We're driving up to Dallas for a couple days and staying at a hotel that is attached to a mall.
And the hotel is pet friendly so Maddie gets to come too!
Happy I finally got my hair cut (it looks the same as I always request "long layers") but there's some new highlights that make it feel Summer-y. Real pics later... I just woke up and bed head does not respect the new look any more than it did the old one :)
Happy for pumpkin spice waffles for breakfast. It feels like a cool, crisp, fall morning so why not eat my favorite fall flavored food. 
Happy doggy now that the chicken jerky recall is over and her tummy is full of treats.
Happy my flowers made it to 31 days before wilting. The begonias at least... the gerber daisies gave out a while ago. Crossing it off my 30|30 list anyway!
Happy my outfits are planned for the week. One less thing to think about.
Happy for chocolate and sour patch kids {not at the same time}. After almost 6 years of marriage, Andrew knows precisely what day each month to come home with all my favorite sweets. TMI? Perhaps, but definitely one of the secrets to a happy marriage: LOTS of candy!
Happy for a relaxing weekend and no plans.
This weekend should include some preliminary Spring cleaning, but that doesn't make me happy so it's not happening.
I found this cute St Patrick's Day banner tutorial on pinterest and there goes my Saturday :)


  1. Look at your cute days of the week labels on your outfits! So fun! I'm pretty impressed you're staying at a hotel attached to a mall. I'm not sure I could handle the temptation!


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