Six on Sunday

1. Jewelry {somewhat} organized. I need to get better about accessorizing my outfits. I wear the same earrings and necklace everyday. Maybe now that I can see everything better I'll switch it up a bit.

2. Stovetop popcorn = my favorite! 
$1 store project with trays and shelf liner. Nowhere to hang it, but at least I used up my leftover chevron paper. 
Taking stock of furniture room by room and figuring out what to keep. Oh the joys of moving!

3. Andrew was sick all weekend. He was sick last month too. Then I was sick a couple weeks ago for Spring Break. Ugh. Looks like it's my turn next. When will it end?!

4. Long overdue task of polishing my silver. Forgot to wear gloves. Oops.

5. Taxes are filed. And for the first time ever, we owe money. :( Goodbye $280. That's like 10 pairs of shoes. I measure everything in terms of footwear. And my feet are very sad about this.

6. Easter presents! Ok, so we don't actually give each other Easter baskets or gifts normally {but maybe we should, new tradition!} Andrew got me a pair of coral wedges (and booked our hotels for Boston, Maine, and Connecticut for our May trip) and I got him a bunch of new pots and pans. I also got myself a new camera because I love my Nikon, but it's just too big to tote around everywhere and my old pocket size Canon is on it's way out.

Here's hoping next week is less expensive and healthier than this one!


  1. Love the newly-polished silver!! And the new wedges. I think Easter presents are a great tradition to start, maybe I can convince Matt to start this year. :)


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