Spring Break in Pictures

Spring Break officially started last Friday at 4:00 pm. Andrew's parents arrived in San Antonio at 7 and it was non-stop adventure until we dropped them off at the airport this morning at 4:00 am. Y'all, I am SO TIRED!!! I need another week off to recover :)
It was a great visit full of fun trips and here are some of the highlights:

 Saturday: Dinner at Liberty Bar downtown.  Strolling along the Riverwalk and Hemisfair Park during the Luminaria (annual light show) in San Antonio.

Sunday: We spent the day in Austin during the South By Southwest arts and music festival. Lots of movie premieres (Willie Nelson and Harry Connick Jr. were there promoting a film but the line to see them was insane! Maybe next time.)  BBQ at Salt Lick and cupcakes at Hey Cupcake. The usual :)
I got the "Michael Jackson" cupcake: white frosting on the outside and chocolate on the inside.
Monday - Wednesday: Dallas.  Food trucks, museums, meeting up with family, trolley rides, jumping photos, good eating, and shopping.
 Our hotel was connected to the Galleria Mall which made me super happy! Andrew and Maddie got to catch up on ESPN (we don't have cable TV at home) which made them super happy. Andrew's dad, Warren, got to go to record stores he likes and Andrew's mom, Kathryn, got to see her niece Kim and her family who live just outside of Dallas, which made everyone happy!
Dallas World Aquarium. Super fun!
Thursday: Hiking at Enchanted Rock
Friday: San Antonio Missions, Puerto Rican diner, and Japanese Tea Garden
Thank you for coming to visit us mom & dad Hoag!


  1. Ok seriously, I'm pretty sure you have done more Texan things in your brief time here than I have in my 30 years here- I'm so impressed!


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