This week is Fiesta in San Antonio. I never heard of it until we moved to Texas, but it's a crazy big deal in these parts. I'm all for it because we get Friday off work and there's a lot of delicious Mexican food involved. Win & win.

The only drawback is all the crowds and traffic it brings. I still don't really get it, San Antonio just doesn't scream "party central" to me. If I had my way, Fiesta would be in Mexico proper... Playa Del Carmen to be exact. It just makes sense.

But it's here, which means we'll be spending the weekend elsewhere, in Austin. The best time to go to Austin is when everyone else in the state is in San Antonio. {Spoken like a true crowd-hater!} 

On the agenda: BBQ lunch at Franklin's - best brisket ever!  Followed by shopping at Ikea, a stroll around Ladybird Lake, The Lumineers concert, The food trucks on South Congress Avenue, Airborne Toxic Event concert (It's finally our concert weekend... we bought these tickets like 2 months ago. Austin is all about good music!),  San Marcos Outlets - If I play my cards right there just might be a new Coach purse in it for me. I heard about this "crazy cat lady" who trades fancy Coach bags for cat purses. I'll ask one of the salesgirls if they're familiar with this arrangement because I'm willing to barter. And then I'll get promptly escorted out of the store. Who cares? We're moving in 10 weeks! Yes, the countdown has begun! Woot!

Even if you don't get Friday off for some fictitious Fiesta party, I hope you have a fun weekend and get some tasty Mexican food in all in the name of celebrating, obviously.

Is it bad that I still don't know what they're celebrating? Time to ask the expert...  Andrew says it's actually called Battle of the Flowers on the calendar and has to do with Texas Independence from Mexico and commemorates the Battles of the Alamo and San Jacinto. Ugh. Can we please just forget the freaking Alamo already?!  Yeah, they're going to kick me out of Texas for saying that. 10 weeks people!!!

*To be clear, I LOVE TEXAS! I'm just over San Antonio, hence our weekend in Austin!*


  1. I am going to ignore the blasphemy about the Alamo and just say that I wish I still lived in Austin so we could get together!!

  2. Fiesta sounds fun!! But it definitely seems like Texans are way too hung up on some old battles. Sheesh.


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