Maddie's Haircut Reveal

It feels odd to post ridiculous puppy pictures at a time like this when our country is in mourning, but it also feels good to remember there are still giggle-worthy things going on in the world too.

This is most definitely giggle worthy...

 Mademoiselle Coco Chanel Bear went from "Maddie Bear" to "Maddie Rat" just like that!
My poor, bald doggy! But we only do this to her once a year to get rid of matted fur and cool her down for Summer. On the plus side, she's extra snuggly now (mostly to keep from freezing her naked little bum off!)


  1. Ahhh! That's terrible. I use to shave my himalayan and she looked AWFUL, but she seemed to enjoy it. Hope she appreciates it this summer (which it probably already feels like in Texas).

  2. HA!! She looks so humiliated and ashamed...she kind of has the same expression that Suri Cruise tends to have on her face. Or maybe I spend too much time reading Suri's Burn Book...???

  3. Maddie's SO CUTE! She looks like she's thinking, "WHY did you do this to me...AGAIN!"


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