My Style Monday: Black and White

Happy Monday!
I'm linking up with Kayla at My Greatest Hits to share some outfits.

This week was all about simple, plain basics in black and white.
There were maxi dresses:

 Both dresses are from Forever 21 ($15 deals!) The necklaces are from amazon
I found these shoes on clearance at Ross a few weeks ago and despite the 5" heel they are pretty comfy. But who am I kidding? For an extra half a foot of height, I'd sport them even if they weren't so cozy. They save me from having to hem all my long dresses :)
Here's what I wore to work.
 I'm a substitute teacher so I teach different grade levels at different schools everyday. I mostly love it because I never get bored and the students all love me. If they don't, I tell them how I'm from California and I went to high school with Zac Efron (remember from High School Musical and 17 Again?) True story. Ok, so I graduated 3 months before he became a freshman, but Andrew's little sister had classes with him and my little sister had classes with his little brother, Dylan. So yeah we're practically family.  Anyway, my "close connection" to Zacky comes in plenty handy when playing 6 degrees of separation to other celebs.  But I digress. What's important is that I love my job and everyone loves me, even if I have to trick them into thinking I'm cool and hang out with famous people. I'm not above that. I'm not above anything, I'm 4'10" and a half. Don't forget the half!!!

My work clothes are boring, but I really have to be prepared for anything... recess duty in the rain, the sun beating down on me in the parent-pick-up line, being on my feet all day, and any number of things the kids throw at me. Often literally. So boring, practical ensembles it is, but I always try to add a pop of color with a scarf or a headband. I belted the chevron dress but by the end of the day it was hard to breathe with it constricting me bugging me, so it's not pictured.

Join in the fashion fun and share what you wear!


  1. I'm just jealous that your maxis are long enough to come to your ankles, let alone your feet. Imagine if you were a foot taller how terrible that dress would look on you… oh maxis!

  2. Maxi dresses look so cute on you!! I always feel rather giant when I wear them?? Maybe I'm getting the wrong kind...

  3. I'm on the hunt for some maxi dresses for the've inspired me to brave Forever 21. You can still shop there at 30, right??


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