Out with the old, in with the shoes

After a successful yard sale last weekend, I naturally wanted to replenish the empty hangars in my closet.

So I bought a coral dress, gold necklace, and bracelets at Forever 21.
I also got the coziest black stretchy pants and a mint striped sweater from TJ Maxx. It was supposed to be 80 degrees everyday this week, but it was 50 yesterday. Sweater time!
I also committed a fatal fashion faux pas... floral leggings. Just like the Sprockets one I used to get at Mervyn's in 1991. But for $5, I couldn't help myself.
I have been feeling so nostalgic lately... even for ugly clothes!

To celebrate Andrew being done with his term papers and qualifying exams (May 7, so not quite yet) we're spending a couple days at South Padre Island the weekend after he's done.
A beach vacay called for another new swimsuit at TJ Maxx. Ok 3.
I like the coverage of a one piece or a tankini.
The white one on the left is like a swimsuit and cover up all in one.
I finally used up my birthday gift cards at Sephora. I ordered stuff online so I could get 3 free gifts and a bonus sample. I got an eyebrow pencil, a foundation compact, primer, and spray on foundation. It hasn't arrived yet, but by the time it does I'm sure I will have forgotten all about it, so it will be a fun surprise. I love getting good things in the mail. Breaks up all the boring junk mail and bills.

Speaking of junk, another pair of my shoes broke today :( 
Sheesh, I go through a lot of shoes!
The strap on my right ankle just pulled right out of the shoe sole during my lunch duty. Not very convenient. And I've only worn these shoes like 5 times, so my price per wear quotient is all out of whack. I couldn't just throw them away without wearing them at least 17 times (they were $17 and I feel that $1 per wear for an item of clothing is acceptable.)  So I did what any cheap skate fashionista would do and chopped the straps off both of them turning them into slip-ons. Actually, they're a little more comfortable this way. 

But I still wanted black strappy wedges (and I clearly forgot about the 13 pairs I already have)
so I picked up all these on my way home from work today.

And 3 dresses to match, of course!

It is so convenient how there's 3 shopping centers all in a row between my house and the school. Andrew says that's not what convenient means.


  1. I'm impressed with your craftiness in fashioning new shoes out of the broken ones! Way to be a Girl Scout!! :)

  2. I think you've convinced me to brave Forever 21. Love all the dresses you've found there!

  3. YOU are such a GREAT shopper Brenda! I am SO proud of YOU! I have a few more swimsuits for you too (for the 2013 season of course)! ...and a few pairs of shoes also! :) I need to pick up a pair of stretchy floral leggings! I use to have the jeans just like that in the 80's! Stretchy pants are my friend now! Hehe! :)


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