What I Wore: Bubble Necklaces

This week was all about quick, cozy, and easy Spring time outfits... with big, chunky necklaces!
All Dresses: Ross (recently and for under $12.99 each!) All Necklaces: amazon 
Belt: Thrifted  Shoes: Nine West  Purse: Coach  Sunglasses: xoxo  Watch: Nordstrom Brass Plum  Jacket: Forever21

Bracelets: Coach  Watch: Nordstrom  Purse: Tory Burch  Shoes: Guess

Maddie finds taking outfit photos to be completely ridiculous, but she is never above photo-bombing. She is wearing lots of sweaters this week while we patiently wait for her fluffy fur coat to grow back.
Shoes: Ross  Bracelet: Mexico (gotta love going on cruises!)  Belt: Ann Taylor  Sweater: A&F

Shoes: Nine West  Mint Belt: F21 ($4!)
shoes: Target  bangle bracelets: F21  gold hoop earrings: TJ Maxx
 Shoes: Ross  Rhinestone Headband: LA Garment District $1.00 
(Can't wait to get some good downtown Los Angeles shopping in this Summer. Woot Woot!)
Guess I'm back on the sock bun kick. Can't decide if it's old lady or fairy tale princess. Hmm.
image via
I am all about these huge necklaces right now because they're fun and make a statement. For me that statement is "Please be distracted by my big, obnoxious jewelry
and not my big, obnoxious  insert body part here... namely thighs and booty." 
Whatever works!


  1. You are ridiculously cute!! Love that nude maxi dress...it is the perfect piece to showcase all manner of obnoxious jewelry!!

  2. you have such an amazing collection of dresses and then necklaces to go with them! All of your dress colors are so flattering against your skin tone, especially that white one and the red one. You look adorable!


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