A couple days at the beach

We're back from our mini vacation and it was soooo relaxing! I literally only took 300 pictures (really more around 100 except that the self timer does 10 shots at a time. Don't judge me, I need the options!) On Sunday, we made the 305 mile drive to the Southernmost point of Texas; South Padre Island. We went there last April on a whim and pool hopped at a hotel called La Copa Inn. We thought, this place is alright (read: they didn't kick us out for pool hopping) if we ever come here again we should stay here. Then last month Andrew got a Living Social deal for 2 nights/$99 at that exact hotel and we had to pick 2 days in May. In case you forgot, May is Mother's Day and it's a bit of a tough holiday for me as of late, so we picked Sunday - Tuesday for our vacation days. Turning Mother's Day from an unhappy day to a very happy one... see, I even documented that in photos:
The bottom photo says "un-Happy Mother's Day" in case you couldn't read it.
Don't worry though I switched it back because it was a Happy Mother's Day after all :)
There was an abundance of fresh, delicious sea food and blue curacao drinks.
I don't know what's in them, but I imagine a lot of coconut rum and a lot of calories.
By the way, calories didn't count this weekend. Obviously!
 The weather was perfect, we only got a little sunburned and I'm sure it will turn to tan tomorrow (wishful thinking). The only thing I found annoying was all the birds. I know, birds at the beach? You'd think I didn't grow up in a beach town, but I forgot how pesty birds can be. They photo-bombed so many of my pics that I finally reasoned with them that I would take a picture of them for every picture of us. That's how I really got to 300 pictures.
 Now it's back to reality. Which means laundry and packing. We leave for Boston a week from tomorrow and I can't wait! Sometimes I think I just live vacation to vacation.
Moving to Texas was just a really strange sort of vacation.
At least that's what I keep telling myself!


  1. There is NO reasoning with birds-- don't try to convince yourself otherwise!! But other than that it looks like a great little vacay!! So funny that he got the Living Social deal for the exact hotel you'd mentioned staying at...it was definitely meant to be! And hang on to that un-Happy MD pic just in case you need it (or I need to borrow it) next year! Too perfect!

  2. LOVE reading your blog Bren! Re: our little Grandbaby; We will continue to pray. All in God's timing. God knows the desires of our hearts. Who knows, maybe next Mother's Day, we will all be celebrating with you! :)

  3. Glad y'all had a good time and a happy un-mother's day! And ditto to what Anonymous said :)

  4. There is nothing better than the beach! It's my happy place.


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