Our work here is done

Today Andrew passed his qualifying exam and all he has left to do before receiving his doctorate is to complete his dissertation. {I throw that out there like it's no big deal, but apparently it's the equivalent of writing a book, with a couple hundred pages, about linguistics, and literature.} NBD, right.  Actually, he's what they call ABD (stands for All But Dissertation, not A Big Deal).

Today was momentous because it means our work in Texas is done! Well, school's not out until June for me, then we have this little move to California, but we accomplished what we came here to do.

Here are the papers he's been working on that got approved today.
 We went out to dinner to celebrate.
We ate Kow Soy (which has neither beef nor soy) it's a chicken with coconut curry soup. Yum!
Conveniently there was a Ross and TJ Maxx across the street.  I got Andrew some prizes for winning his qualifying exam. I like to think of everything as a win. It makes life more fun. He won 2 new shirts for his conference in Boston, some undershirts, shorts for South Padre, and a reversible belt.
 Right now we're winning at ice cream and watching Modern Family.


  1. Yum! That soup looks awesome! And I'm impressed by your self-control-- no new maxi dresses or platform sandals at Ross??! (Or maybe just not pictured...)

  2. Ok, I made my way to Ross on my mental health day. It was a treasure trove of maxi dresses! I call that a win. Don't think MS felt the same. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Congrats Andrew!!! We are SO proud of you! You deserve LOTS of prizes!!! and Kow Soy is my FAVORITE dish! Yummmmm!


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