This is Summer

We are halfway through June and really getting into Summer vacation mode. Well, relatively speaking... we are still crossing items off the moving to-do list, but it's like 90% vacation and 10% telling Andrew where to put all the boxes packing.

Item #1: Garage Sale. Check!
 Poor guys, they were looking for a PS3 and video games. I showed them my boot selection and shabby chic decor. No dice. Odd thing, everyone (and I mean like 8 different people) was asking about tennis shoes. Wha? I guess I've been out of the yard sale loop, but I would not want someone's old sneakers. Gross.

OK, so the yard sale was the only item we crossed off our moving list this weekend. No biggie, look at all the other way more important stuff we did:

All the time at the pool was turning my hair lighter. Now it's back to dark! I just wish I could get it to grow. I was shamed into buying fancy hair products by the haircut lady because my hair is so dry, dead, split, fried, etc. Alas nothing works, and I am this-close to shaving my head and starting from scratch. I think I have the right shaped head for bald and it would be such a time saver. Andrew is all for it, he says I should get an orange robe and a tambourine and join the Hare Krishna, whatever that is.

So I always wonder what Maddie does all day when we're at school/work. Now I know. 
She fills her time perched on the armchair, barking at birds out the window, and shopping on Amazon (for new puppy outfits I'm sure.)

Maddie has not been the only one shopping, but I've been doing just a little, because I know that everything I buy I am going to have to pack and that is a real deterrent. 
Well, it really just means that I'm buying smaller things like jewelry and hair accessories. 
Related to shopping as of late, they just opened a Sam Moon store right by North Star Mall and it is the best thing to happen to San Antonio maybe EVER! I'm not saying it's more important than the Alamo, but I will probably remember it better. I need to get back there ASAP, so much fun costume jewelry calling my name.

One thing that has not been calling my name is the scale. Ironically it was one of the first things I packed away and I will not be sad if it gets lost in the move. I know last time I checked in with it I was up by 10, and can only imagine that stat has at least doubled in the past week. It's kind of a bummer that none of my clothes fit and the cellulite has spread to my toes. I didn't even know you could have foot flab, now I am fully aware. I mean I always had fat feet, but I feel like they actually jiggle when I walk now, along with everything else. Ugh. Needless to say, it takes a lot to keep up this figure...

Not pictured: 32 oz icees almost everyday (the cotton candy flavor is my favorite, then pink lemonade, then strawberry kiwi.) You can tell I've been doing a lot of important research. Honestly, I think I so badly wish that I was pregnant that I am having a phantom pregnancy complete with cravings. Turns out we're going to need a friggin fork lift if I ever do get pregnant! Oh well, Summer calories don't count, right?!


  1. Love the new hair!! I would sell my soul to shop your yardsale. Seriously.

  2. Foot flab... you're hilarious! You look AWESOME! And I L-O-V-E your hair... seriously, I'm going to a side bang and growing it back out just because you're so adorable!

  3. I think you have succesfully hit all the best parts of summer - shopping, candy, pool time and day drinking. I tip my hat.


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