blogging from the beach

Avila Beach as seen through my sunglass lens.

I have learned the secret to happiness, {you know, besides salvation and Jesus} and it is living life in a perpetual state of vacation.

Truth: we are in the middle of a major move in which all of our belongings are 300 miles away in storage, we're funemployed, we are living out of carry on luggage, and we are nomads/hobos/transients, or whatever nomenclature you prefer :)

The truth we prefer to focus on: everyday is a beach day!

We get to enjoy one more month of bouncing between our parents' houses (which are luckily only 3 miles apart) before settling down in our new apartment in Santee, California. In the midst of this arrangement, our base camp has been the beach.

PS, not to beat a dead horse shark, but what I said about the local jaws is true and there have been several sightings even since we got home.  {great white shark tosses kayak   shark sighting at Guadalupe Beach}

Perhaps the sharks are also aware of how great a vacation destination the central coast is. I guess I can't fault those godless, savage, man-eaters! 

And now for your blast from the past SAT analogy...
Birds : Erika   ::  Sharks : Brennie


  1. Ooo, I know A: TERRIFIED

    Oh, but that would be Erike : Birds... Birds : Erika... Umm, nuisance?

    If you have to be a vagabond, I guess the beach is a pretty good home base!

  2. HAHA! Love the SAT analogy. But I would like to point out that my fear is worse because your fear is only applicable in one teeny tiny setting. MY fear is EVERYWHERE (well, everywhere outdoors). Still, I will allow you your rational fear of sharks. And I'm jealous of your living on the beach for another month-- yay for funemployment!!


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