Kristie's Bridal Shower

Yesterday was my sister's bridal shower and it was SO. MUCH. FUN!

 The bridal shower was at the clubhouse at Tyler's mom's complex about an hour south and it was beautiful! I stand corrected for balking at the idea of zebra, turquoise, and burlap for a theme.
It was lovely. My mom is always right and she knows everything. She's a bit excessive, but very wise.

Weeks of blood, sweat, and tears A lot of prep went into pulling off this soiree, but it was all worth it.

Special thanks to Uncle Chris and Aunt Vanessa for transporting truck loads full of party supplies
and preparing so much delicious food...
{homemade bruschetta, strawberry vinaigrette salad, and vegan cupcakes!} 
 Andrew and my dad got a work out hanging all the lanterns and banners.
Aunt Vanessa and Andrew prepared all the food. Spinach mozzarella ravioli with pesto, various cheeses and wines, hummus and crackers, and all sorts of tasty treats. My stellar contribution in the kitchen was making those veggie & ranch cups. I personally thought they were an excellent finishing touch on the buffet table and really tied the whole meal together :)

We played "Who knows Kristie Best" and I got 3rd place. Oops. 
There was also a "Name that spice" game which I obviously passed on as my knowledge of spices is limited to salt and pepper oh and also white cheddar popcorn seasoning.
What the heck is coriander anyway?
 So many people came to celebrate my sweet little sis!

Throughout the party lanterns would randomly fall from the ceiling and a couple times they bonked people in the head. Those people got prizes :)
Nice job hanging the paper globes, Hoagie-Bear!
 The Mr. & Mrs. burlap pillow project was finally complete and on display.
Impressive free hand painting, Kristie!
 After the party was over we did some group photos...
 Upper left: me, Kristie, Melissa, and mom
Upper right: girls with Aunt Vanessa

Cindy (Tyler's mom), Kristie, Tyler, Bayley (Tyler's sister)
 Tyler's family is WAY into the Giants baseball team... might have been a mistake to check the score.
 Bride and Groom in their goofy sweet hats I got them.
 And, as always, another epic dance party to end the evening! My cousins are so much fun!


  1. What a beautiful and creative shower!!! I have never heard/thought of the 'name the spice' game, but now that I'm aware of it I am dying to try!! I think I will be worse at it than I imagine, but I'm very curious. Maybe I'll get Matt to set up a blind taste testing one of these wild Saturday nights... OH, but relatedly...back in HS, my friends and my dad SWORE that no one could really tell the difference between the different colors of Skittles. Which is obviously ridiculous, as they each have a distinctive flavor and degree of deliciousness. So they did the blind test and of course I was able to 100% identify each color. They were amazed. I was not surprised at all. Good grief...have they no tastebuds?

  2. I'm not really sure what Coriander is either... a seed?!?! All I can imagine is that it tastes disgusting alone! Super interesting game though. I'm intrigued! Glad the shower was a hit! Looks like fun!


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