Photo-a-day in July

I inadvertently took a little vacation from blogging this month, but I still want to document a few of July's highlights. Here is a picture a day of what we've been up to...

I probably forgot to mention this part of our drive... conveniently blocked it out!

I only lasted 5 days before an outfit repeat. I am a failure! But I successfully lived out of 1 suitcase for the whole month, proving it can be done. {1 suitcase + 2 totes of shoes} 




 July is ending on a high note with a tasty burger at In-N-Out.
Here's to an awesome August!


  1. Whoa... I don't think I've even taken a photo the entire month of July, let alone a photo every day. That's awesome! And you lived out of a suitcase for a MONTH?!?! You look so adorably cute! I would never have known!


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