Our new place

Last week we moved into our apartment in Santee (east San Diego County). So far we love it!  We live down the street from some of our best friends, there's lots of good shopping, a trolley to ride around the city on, great hiking trails, and yummy restaurants. We're 10 minutes from fun lakes and beautiful state parks and 25 minutes from the beach, the mountains, downtown, the zoo, and Sea World {Just an FYI if you want to come stay with us!}

Moving in has been a process, meaning we I have way more boxes than I remember and it is taking way longer than I imagined to put everything in it's place. Here are some photos of our progress so far:
 Entry and living room

I still need to hang pictures and decorate, but it's basically just a shrunken down version of our old set up. A little boring now, but one of my 30 before 30 goals is to go on a crazy shopping spree at Ikea, so there will be much more "Swedish" fun up in here soon. If they can make a 200 square foot show room look fabulous, surely we can spruce up our 800 square foot apartment!
Guest room slash shoe room... budget cuts required me to combine the two :(
I believe that's the definition of a first world problem.
 Our bedroom

The dining room isn't set up yet.


 Our complex
I love not having to mow that lawn! Not that I ever mowed a lawn in my life, but I'm sure Andrew appreciates it.  Another perk to renting... water is included, which means 20 minute showers and no regrets. Hooray for no more water restrictions!
Lots of space outdoors for Maddie Bear to frolic.
 We're still setting up the patio area. More pics later.

I must admit that I do miss my garage and laundry room. Not to mention the extra 1,400 square feet we had in Texas, but I am embracing the simple (read: cramped) life. Hopefully we can save some $ living in this apartment for the next year or two and eventually buy a house. I may have to rein in my shoe budget a little bit to make that dream come true. Hmm. Maybe I'll just be like that little old lady who lived in a shoe. That doesn't sound half bad.

We are so excited to be back home in San Diego!!!


  1. You do SUCH a great job decorating!! I would never ever expect to walk in an apartment and see it decorated so fabulously!! Your huge brown rug in the living room is so awesome for making such a classy backdrop for everything else to go against...nicely done!!

  2. What no before you unpacked photos?

  3. I love all the white! And your patio is fabulous. Y'all seem so happy to be back home!


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