The time I turned into a lizard

You may recall, I took care of a bearded dragon last week.


I was very brave and even grew fond of him.
Little did I know that a few days later when my mom and I put this "age avenging" mask on that I would resemble a lizard.
Ok, so we didn't read the directions. We did not lay perfectly still. Instead we made silly faces and watched our skin morph into a reptile state.
This concoction perma-wrinkled our skin. My forehead looked like one of those fuglies from Star Trek!
30 minutes later, after the top layer of our skin felt hard as rock, we soaked our faces with hot wash cloths and melted the mixture away. The end result was super soft skin, but decidedly not "time avenging".
Andrew and my dad scare easily.
I told Andrew it was like seeing a preview of the future... "This is what I'll look like when I'm 100." His response, "Thank God I'll be dead by then!"
Whatever. He's just jealous of my 29 year old skin :)


  1. HA! Yikes!! That is really funny. I can't believe Andrew is so negative about the future. Just for that, I hope he lives to be 120.


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