Coronado Island

I am slowly getting over the fact that I didn't get to go to Hawaii with my mom this week due to landing a full time teaching job. (Weeps and gnashes teeth). That being said, Andrew, Maddie, and I took a couple hours this weekend to enjoy the best vacation spot that San Diego has to offer... it isn't the big island, but Coronado Island is one of my favorite places in the whole world.

San Diego's downtown skyline is referred to as "the tool box" because it has buildings shaped like screw drivers and socket sets. Just a little random trivia for ya :)

To get to Coronado, you have to drive across this big blue bridge that goes above the San Diego bay and has the BEST view of downtown and Point Loma.

{You may recall the infamous Coronado bridge scene from the classic film, Anchorman}
Maddie isn't allowed to see that movie for obvious reasons.
My favorite thing to do in Coronado is look at all the beautiful homes. Most of its inhabitants are retired military or extremely wealthy people. The median housing price is $2M (and that's for a teeny condo), so we won't be moving there any time soon. I love theses neighborhoods, but I would not love paying that kind of property tax!
Another thing I love is Hotel Del Coronado. It is this beautiful, antiquated hotel where they filmed Some Like It Hot. Unfortunately their beach is not pet friendly, so we'll have to visit it next time.
Here's a map of Coronado Island...
And a map of San Diego for reference...

Santee (blue arrow) is where we live. Point Loma (pink arrow) is where we went to college and where Andrew teaches classes. Coronado (green arrow) is our favorite, and the yellow arrow points to Spring Valley where I work.  San Diego is pretty spread out, but it only took us 25 minutes to get from Santee to Coronado so it's not that bad.
Up next on my favorite San Diego spots to revisit: La Jolla (pronounced hoya). And also all the best shopping at Fashion Valley and Mission Valley malls.
Now it's back to more football. Happy our Chargers won, but super disappointed with my fantasy league. Good thing I don't know the first thing about football!


  1. SAD that you missed Hawaii, but sounds like the weekend redeemed itself as best it could! Also, loved the Anchorman reference... probably very wise not to let Maddie watch :)

  2. You know...I'm glad you included that map and especially referenced that it only took 25 minutes...that is really interesting and helpful for people that have never been west of...uhhh...Utah?? I think that's the furthest west I've been. Anyway-- so sad about Hawaii, but it looks like Coronado is pretty spectacular and a decent substitute (for a non-substitute...HAHA! job joke!!).

  3. A- major bummer about Hawaii, but I do think you west coasters go to Hawaii far too often! : ) For us all the way over here, it's called "the trip of a lifetime" or "our 25th wedding anniversary".
    B- your dress is precious!
    C- I love that you take Maddie everywhere. I guess that's a perk of having a dog that could hide in your purse. ; )

    Hope you had a good weekend!


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