Kristie and Tyler got married!

The wedding weekend is over, y'all! We can finally give up the endless search for burlap fabric, Chumash turtles, teal dresses, and vegan recipes. All joking aside, the wedding was beautiful and I am so happy for my sister Kristie and my new brother, Tyler.  Best parents of the year award goes to my mom and dad (with honorable mention to Aunt Vanessa, our caterer, Uncle Chris, our musician, Uncle Randy, the muscle behind the operation, Aunt Elena, our decorator, and pretty much all of the Kohlers and Sieberts (my mom and dad's sides of the family) for making sure this wedding was ready to go at 3 in the afternoon and cleaned up by sunset at 7. That was no small feat. We brought more stuff in that 20 foot truck and 6 cars to that park than Andrew and I moved across the country with. No lie, after all of the misadventures with U-hauls in the last couple months, whenever I see a U-Haul truck I suffer from bouts of PTSD and have panic attacks.  ::shudders::

It was also 100 degrees out. So going vegan was actually a good idea, you know to prevent food poisoning and all :)  But after loading-unloading, reloading, and transporting all of the 160 five piece plate settings, 10 bolts of fabric, 3000 crystal vases, and 500 boxes of miscellaneous items, the sweaty stench that I became was really something quite special. Just be thankful this post isn't one of those scratch 'n sniffs!
 My sister, Missy's toast was just lovely!

I cut my sister's umbilical cord and I buttoned up her wedding dress (not all in the same day). Just a little sentimental!

It was the most elegant, boho-prairie-chic park wedding I've ever seen! And Missy, you bet your sweet bippy that you're getting married in Vegas, because ain't no way in hell I'm doing all of this ever again!
Thank you to everyone who helped make the day so special!
Happy Wedding day, Mr. and Mrs. Lopez!!!



  1. I had to laugh at your comment to your sister - after our three day diy wedding extravaganza (of which my brother was 100% slave labor) he opted for Vegas :) And there was much rejoicing! (And boozing) Crossing my fingers Kyle marries rich and has a destination wedding!

  2. Wow!! What a gorgeous and unique wedding!! Props to you for helping them pull it off! Looks like a ton of work, but it all came together beautifully! Also, LOLd at the cutting umbilical cord/buttoning wedding dress thought. So sad they couldn't have been on the same day.


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