Fall Break, yes please!

I am going to spare you the typical "The first year of teaching is the hardest and I don't know how I'm going to survive" comments that frequently come out of my mouth and skip over the last few weeks of school related stress because today is the first day of a two week Fall Break.

Hip Hip Hooray!!!

September was flipping nuts and a complete blur, but October is off to a great start. The bell rang at 2:50 on Friday and I haven't looked back. Our school starts the first week in August and gets out in mid June so there are random 2 week Fall and Spring breaks. Right now those are the top two reasons I love teaching.  Kidding, mostly.  We spent the weekend up home with our families and this morning I slept in until 11 am. I have never slept in that late before in my whole life. Adding that to my 30 before 30 list and crossing it off. I feel so accomplished.

Here are some pictures from the last two weekends...

Zoo with James and Angela

 Going to the Zoo is our favorite day date so we bought our annual passes and went with our friends. The koalas are my favorite!
Point Loma Roomie-reunion in Carlsbad at Josh and Kristin's new house.
Baby girls Deklynn and Kynlee are so cute! We skyped Amanda in from North Carolina.
Miss you girl!

Beach days in Pismo

 My camera phone is a little blurry, but there was a pod of dolphins swimming near the shore. So fun!

Sno cones and cotton candy for breakfast!!!
Walking the dogs at the beach
 A little shopping...
For the record, my sister did not buy those overalls and my aunt did not buy that mumu.
San Luis Obispo Swap Meet Bargains 

 Loving all the fall boots right now!
Happy Fall everyone!  


  1. TWO WEEKS?!?!?! This is AMAZING! I'm sure you are going to put every day to good use! Enjoy!

  2. I am wishing I bought the mumu. Didn't know it was so flattering over my jeans : )

  3. I am still laughing!!!! Love the pics. Nessie, you should have gotten the mumu. I liked it! Missy Mouse in the overalls... TOO FUNNY!!!! Love the pics! Mama


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