October recap

I don't want to think about it, but somehow I've lost an entire month. October is almost over and this sad, little blog has nothing to show for it. Womp womp. Alas I uploaded some pictures from my camera and am going to attempt to piece together the last few weeks.

There was a camping trip at Lake Morena.
 It was legit tent camping with a sucky air mattress and tasty s'mores and everything.
Plus, it was only one night, which is my ideal amount of camping time.

Maddie sat that one out and guarded the house while we were gone.
 There was a date night at Fashion Valley Mall
And several purses I wanted to take home. Instead I got a pair of Joe's jeans for half off at Nordstrom Rack. Way to show restraint! Ok, I also got two tribal print sweaters, a pair of earrings, and another pair of brown boots for Fall. After those three sangria drinks I'm surprised I could even carry all those bags to the car. So I at least deserve kudos for that!
 There was a Halloween Party at Incahoots Line Dancing Cowboy Bar
Our friends went as a monarch butterfly, Duck Dynasty, and a mallard duck. We were sailors. San Diego's a huge NAVY town, so we totally fit in :)

There were Halloween Haikus with Mr. Hoag in my classroom
There was a beautiful day at Point Loma Nazarene University,
where Andrew teaches, and our alma mater

I "cooked" for a dinner party.
BBQ pork ribs and beef ribs with all the sides. #NoDishesNoRegrets.
 Oktoberfest happened.

I carved my first pumpkin

 There was a walk at Santee Lakes. I am actually loving living in East County San Diego,
especially now that Fall weather is kicking in. Perfect walking weather.

 Sushi date in Point Loma.
Not pictured: Days and days of lesson planning, paper grading, and reflecting on observations by the principal and my beginning teacher support provider. Cut to me having a heart attack from all the stress. There were also a couple fun training days (no sarcasm, sometimes listening to someone else talk about elementary writing strategies all day is more relaxing than trying to get my students to write a paragraph, or even their name on their paper). Today I went to a presentation on IPads and getting one of those bad boys is all I can think about now.
I'm holding out for a good deal on Black Friday.
For now I get to bake Halloween treats for my students
and count down the days til Thanksgiving Break. 


  1. Listen homie. DO NOT LEAVE US FOR A MONTH AGAIN. That is forbidden and I miss you. But at least you were doing tons of fun things during October! But next month, how 'bout you take us along for the ride. THANKS.


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