Energy zapped

By 2:00 on Monday afternoon, I thought it was 11:00 on Thursday night. So now that it is 11:00 on Thursday night, I can fully appreciate the craziness that has been the last week. Between awards assemblies, assigning first trimester grades, updating our classroom blog:, commenting on 544 assignments (yes, 32 students times 17 pieces of work), scheduling and completing parent conferences, lesson planning, our first field trip, bringing Maddie to school, having a class nacho party that is way more labor intensive than it should be, getting another new student, attending evening seminars, plus regular life stuff like decorating for Christmas, and random service lights turning on in my car, I feel like my head is going to explode. I can't keep up with all of this!

I simultaneously feel like I've done one million things, and nothing. There is always more to do!
I am too exhausted to even post a single picture. That's serious exhaustion, yo!

Thanksgiving Break can't come soon enough and it will be chaotic and non-stop, but it will also be delicious and full of bargain shopping.

Is it wrong that the only thing getting me through this unending, hellish week is the promise of some super deals on Black Friday next week? I'm getting an IPad mini, Andrew needs a new laptop, and I'm sure they'll have tons of "prize bin" stuff for my students and classroom supplies. It's kind of sad how much of my paycheck goes right back to the school, but I suppose that makes me an awesome teacher. I have to hope it does anyway! If I can't teach these kids to read, at least they'll have cute pencils to doodle with. Hmm, I ought to save that for my teaching resume, huh?!

Black Friday Ads HERE.  :)


  1. That makes me tired just reading about it! Hope next week is a restful break for you… minus the therapeutic shopping, of course :)

  2. I'm exhausted just reading it! Hope retail therapy is the cure to what ails you! (that and some Turkey!)


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