Thanksgiving Week

Happy Thanksgiving week!

Thanksgiving is one of our big family holidays where everyone comes from far and wide and we feast on 2 or 3 turkeys at my mom and dad's house. We watch old family movies and eat until we can't move. It's really a great tradition.  After we're done at my mom and dad's house, Andrew and I drive down the hill to the next town over and eat Thanksgiving dinner part 2 with his family. It's quite the contrast going from my parent's house with people everywhere to his parent's house with a grand total of 6 of us.
This year our crew was smaller than normal because a lot of family just travelled out here for my sister's wedding in September, so they couldn't make the trip again so soon. We missed you guys and we'll see you next year!
The turkeys got tore into before I could photograph them!
Above: Kristie, Grandpa Bob, my mom, and me in our matching outfits.

At some point the hardcore shoppers in our group meet up at Wal-Mart for Black Friday deals (that are now exclusively on Thursday) and we load 4 or 5 carts full of goodies. This year my mom was the big winner... she brought home a 50" TV, a couple sound bar systems, an ipad mini, a bunch of comforters, SD cards, and 5 HP touchscreen laptops (mostly Christmas presents for others).  She's no BF amateur; mama even makes her own labels for all her carts! I was very selective and only bought a TV, a laptop, a waffle iron, some video games for Andrew, and picture frames for my classroom. The food coma must have slowed me down :)
Three of my aunties, my sister Kristie, Andrew, and I were running around Wal Mart getting wrist bands to wait in a bunch of lines to get everything on our lists. It's total chaos and every year we all say we're never doing it again, but every year we're back for more!
So that was our Thanksgiving.
Last weekend my parents came down to San Diego to visit us and the boys went to Qualcomm stadium to see a football game (SDSU and Boise State, I think?) My dad's friend's son plays for Boise and they went out to cheer him on. Andrew and I are both SDSU alum, so it was super controversial. Or it would be if I cared at all about college football.
My mom and I went to the tail gate party in the parking lot and then did some shopping.
We went to the Rock Church (a mega church in Point Loma) that is conveniently located across the street from TJ Maxx Home Goods. I found this wine rack contraption that would be perfect for a time out corner in my classroom. I am having flashbacks of the chokey and the Trunchbull from Matilda. I kind of understand her now.
I don't want to be the girl that complains about church worship, because it's all glorifying to God in some way, but the dude wailing his off pitch lungs directly behind me made me kind of wonder if God really does like all forms of worship. Andrew says you can sing loud or you can sing off key, but you can't do both. As for me, I'll just lip sync from here on out because I don't ever want to offend like that man did!

Mom and dad were our first house guests and Maddie was thrilled to greet them... see her little face in the window?
We did some damage at Fashion Valley Mall and spent last Sunday with our family friends, James and Debby. My mom has been wanting the Louis Vuitton "never full" purse for years and finally splurged for her 25th wedding anniversary present. Remind me to have her leave that bag to me in her will. It costs more than our rent :)
 We did more of the usual: shopping and eating. Andrew's face is just precious after that huge bite of burger. Framing that one!

 Maddie is happy with her Christmas toys and successfully bit all the eyeballs and buttons off of them within two days. That's a personal best for her.

Today we are still visiting family and heading over to Grandma's. Tomorrow my dad is playing drums at church and we'll drive back to San Diego afterwards. This week always goes by so fast! Hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving and got lots of good shopping bargains!