Going Hoag Wild

We Hoags had somewhat of a wild weekend.
First we bought a new {to us, to normal folks it is ancient!} car for Andrew.
 2002 BMW 325ci
We are calling it "Vandross" because the previous owner conveniently left
disc 1 of the Essential Luther Vandross collection in the cd player. Yay?!

We normally buy practical cars like Toyotas, but this one was silver and black (my favorite colors) and it's really fun to drive. So we threw practicality out the window. It might be a mistake, but you know what they say: YOLO!
 In keeping with the "wild" streak of the weekend, we ventured north to the Wild Animal Park. It was recently renamed the Safari Park, but we refuse to recognize the name change. It's stupid.
We checked out the lions first. They were doing normal lion things like napping on Range Rovers and eyeing the antelope across the path. 

There were new lion cubs being playful and adorable.
We got our picture with Miley, the giraffe.

They opened a new exhibit, the Lemur walk where the
 lemurs are free to run around you as you walk through a little enclosed area.
They didn't seem very amused. But they sure were adorable!
They were really working the smoky eye.

There were rodents: meerkats, chinchillas, and hedgehogs. 

After walking all over the park, Andrew obliged me with a trip to the Escondido Mall and got me a frozen yogurt with my favorite fixings: Euro-tart and Pineapple yogurt with coconut shavings, yogurt chips, and mochi  Yum!

Check out the gal with the bare midriff behind me... is that back in style? Not hopping on that trend. You're welcome.

I think our wild streak is over for a bit. Today it's Super bowl parties and counting down the weeks until Summer. I miss our 80 degree January heat wave. Sorry to my friends who are experiencing real winters and polar vortexes, I feel your pain.  It was in the 50's yesterday. Brr! Thank God for all my faux fur or I would freeze to death!


  1. Woo hoo for a new car! That's awesome! And it's beautiful! And what a win with the free CD!

  2. Hahaha yeah I feel like you should have paid $20 more for the car to account for that win of a CD!! Also-- when I come visit you, we're totally going to that animal park. That looks like SO much fun!!! But then I'm going to do a Yogurt Intervention, because your choices there are appalling...

  3. Love it BRENNIE! Awesome pics! Can't wait to see you! Love, MaMa


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