No more Vegas

I don't mean to complain about going on vacation, because that's ridiculous. But let it be known that Las Vegas twice in 5 months is too much.

It all started two years ago when our friend group decided that the only acceptable way to turn 30 is to get everyone together and go to Vegas. Fine, dandy. Until we had to go there 3 times in one year. (Ok technically only 2 because the "we live in Texas" thing made it difficult last year.) Still, I am officially Vegased out. I think it would have been super fun if we didn't do it wrong... leaving Friday night after the longest day of work, and returning Sunday afternoon with a 7 hour drive each way.

New rule for road trips: If you are in the car longer than you are at your destination, just say NO! I still haven't recovered from the lack of sleep this weekend and brutality of my work environment these last two days. I had a teaching observation today that I was 100 percent not prepared for and am not looking forward to the debrief of dread that will surely follow. Thanks Vegas!

That said, there was a lot of fun on Saturday...

The Bellagio fountain show always reminds me of Ocean's Eleven. Bright side: I'll have plenty of time for watching all my favorite Brad Pitt movies when I'm fired because my observation went so poorly. 
I might be over exaggerating. I hope I'm over exaggerating.
I don't gamble, but I always win big at the buffet! 
Check out my 12 pounds of crab legs and all you can eat cotton candy. 
I ate 4 things of it. Don't judge, it's practically air.
We stayed at the "diviest" of hotels. The Quad in the center of the strip.
Great location, but truly disgusting and NEVER AGAIN!
Our friends got the penthouse room. I don't know if anyone has stayed in it since 1981.
 We had a girls' spa day at the Flamingo across the street
and did some window shopping at the Forum shops at Caesar's Palace

I love my friends and I'm happy they're all 30 now so we can commiserate and the like, but I am super over going to Vegas. I vote Cabo San Lucas for our 31st Birthdays!


  1. Haha! I love that the penthouse suite appears to have LazyBoy recliners... hilarious! I've never been to Vegas and it's not really on my top 500 list of places to go, but I'm loving the excuse to where sparkles! You look adorable (as always)! Here's to all your friends being 30... as opposed to me who finds herself surrounded by 24 year olds.

  2. Haaaaa that penthouse is AWESOME in a my-friend's-mom's-living-room-in-'93 kind of way. Wow. I guess it balances out all the glamour and glitz...??? Like Amanda, I've never been to Vegas, but it seems like the kind of place that would get overwhelming and kinda boring fast if you weren't super rich or drunk!!! But high five on dominating that cotton THAT is something I can get behind!!!


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